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We represent our vision of design accessories of the highest quality and durability.

Our designs seek the perfect union of an attractive look with maximum attention to detail.

Wooden Visino

Artistic Work and Design

We have been in the business of woodworking and design work for many years. Thanks to our experience as well as modern manufacturing technologies, we are capable of bringing your secret desires and fantasies to life.

Our work will gift your home with the warmth of natural materials as well as some true pieces of art.

Wooden Vision

It’s All About Top-Quality Materials

Selecting the right wood for your sink is half the secret to our success.

Every log of the wood we use is carefully inspected for defects as well as small tears formed during growth or the drying process.

We limit ourselves to using only precious and expensive woods.

Wooden Visino


  • Every one of our products is a unique original, making its owner’s investment effectively an investment into a work of art.
  • Large amount of handiwork spent on every piece will ensure that each piece is an original with the perfect surface, which is resistant to chemicals and has minimum lime adhesion.
  • For the surface finish, we use a state-of-the-art nanotechnology-based varnish, which we always continue on improving, with our goal being the most resistant finish attainable today.
  • Similar to ceramic materials, the materials are extremely low-maintenance.
  • The products need only be washed, preferably with soap water or acid-free detergent.
  • All of our products are covered with a unique 5-year long service warranty.
  • We also provide post-warranty repairs and refinish, subject to individual terms.
Wooden Visino



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